August 1, 2023

Bison Brothers Launches Its New Platform NovaGrid: Revolutionizing Energy Management and Sustainability

NovaGrid is a comprehensive solution that optimizes every aspect of your energy system, from ensuring equipment safety through real-time monitoring to seamlessly responding to grid conditions. It serves as an all-in-one platform, encompassing a Battery Management System (BMS), Energy Management System (EMS), and Thermal Management System (TMS). In essence, NovaGrid efficiently handles battery management, energy optimization, and thermal regulation, providing a complete and integrated management solution for your energy storage needs.

The Battery Management System (BMS) lies at the core of Bison Brother's Software Platform, drawing on Bison Brother's expertise in battery management and control. With a focus on cell, module and pack design, our BMS maximizes the best balance among difference level in the structure, providing our customers with the best output and safety.. The BMS's advanced functionalities enable real-time monitoring, intelligent cell balancing, and comprehensive protection, guaranteeing the safety, longevity, and optimal performance of our Battery Energy Storage Systems.The Thermal Management System (TMS) within NovaGrid empowers our energy storage systems with unparalleled thermal control. Through real-time monitoring of individual cell statuses, NovaGrid ensures full oversight of the thermal management hardware. Leveraging sophisticated algorithmic control of HVAC units and stack level fans, the TMS optimizes the system's thermal performance with precision and efficiency. By constantly regulating and adapting to thermal conditions, NovaGrid guarantees the longevity and safety of the energy storage system while maximizing its overall efficiency and reliability.


The Energy Management System (EMS) serves as the pivotal interface connecting our energy storage system, its operators, and the grid seamlessly. At the heart of this connection lies the Command Center UI, which offers full control and comprehensive visibility over all components of our system. With the EMS, operators can efficiently manage and optimize energy utilization, integrating renewable energy sources, and responding to dynamic grid conditions with ease. Through its intuitive interface, the EMS empowers operators with real-time data insights and smart functionalities, enabling them to make informed decisions, enhance grid stability, and contribute to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.